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Hi My Name Is Mom

Hi My Name Is Mom
Hi My Name Is Mom, hosted by Jen Kulp, Corri English, & Kaela Kinney, is a podcast for moms. It’s for the ones losing it. And the ones holding it together. And especially the ones doing both at the same time. Are they experts? At having it all figured out…not a chance. At parenting real live children…yep. Join HMNIM as three real life mom friends take their real life convos, stories and confessions, amazing times, tough times, and THIS CANNOT ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING times, and hold them up to a microphone. They might vent, they might cry, they might use a mom voice. And they will definitely sneak wine into the studio. If your name is Mom, too.. or you wanna be a mom or you have a mom or you just like hearing moms talk - pull up a glass and join the tribe!

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Created by: Corri English
Created on: 02 Apr 2020
Language: English

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