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Hotspur Way

Hotspur Way
So you support Tottenham Hotspur and listen to Spurs-related podcasts on your phone. Fantastic! If you're up for listening to better Tottenham Hotspur podcast, you're in luck as you’re going to love listening to the Hotspur Way podcast. As every show appears here on GigaDial, you now know where to find us.

It's also good to know that the Hotspur Way podcast isn't your standard, drab, vanilla Spurs podcast where we go on and on about us signing this and that player. We're not news anchors, we're just a bunch of mates who love talking and moaning about Tottenham Hotspur.

Hotspur Way is a bimonthly Tottenham Hotspur podcast, so expect an episode once every two weeks or so.

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Created by: Jaymes Payten
Created on: 04 Jul 2023
Language: English

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