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Physio Active and Cupping Hijama Center

Physio Active and Cupping Hijama Center
Since 2013-We are highly sophisticated medical system (Physio Active And Cupping Hijama Center) to the people who need physiotherapy & rehabilitation for their functional regain and pain relief in south Delhi.
It is a specialized medical facility for Neuro & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Pain Management Clinic. Our Centre of Excellence:
✓Joint Pain
✓ Neck/Back Pain
✓ Shoulder/Knee/Elbow/Ankle Pain
✓ Scoliosis
✓ Postural Mal-alignment
✓ Sports Injuries
✓ Cerebral Vascular Accident
✓ Traumatic Brain Injury
✓ Multiple Sclerosis
✓ Parkinson disease
✓ Spinal Cord Injury
✓ Peripheral Neuropathy
✓ Post-traumatic Injury
✓ Cupping Post-operative condition
✓ Other Orthopedic Conditions.

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Created by: Physio and Cupping Center
Created on: 27 Nov 2023
Language: English

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